Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Okokokok, I know I was going to use this blog as an easy way to keep you peeps updated with the going-ons of life down here, but I've seriously been not good about it. I'm going to try and update regularly...FOR REALZ.

Hurm, so where to start? Errrmm, I will probably end up breaking this into a few sections, so lets start wiiiiiitttthhhhhh....HOUSING.


So, as most of you know, I've been living at my parents place since January. I didn't really have the time or energy to look for a place right when I moved back so I decided to put it off until the summertime. Yea, so for the last couple weeks, I've been scouring the craigslist postings looking for a decent place. Finally found one last week, its a pretty good space in an old styley house. Its a really huge house with four units. The main area of my unit is on the second floor with bedrooms on the third floor. It's 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, I'll be moving in with my old friend from Woodward, Greg. I think it'll be good because he'll be starting law school at GSU in August and we're both on the same wavelength in regards to teh school crushz0rring.

It was funny looking for an apartment, because everytime I'd go to see one, I'd be walking down the street thinking to myself, "Wow, all these houses are really nice, sweet neighborhood!" And then, when I finally reached the address for the rent space, I'd find that I was at the ONLY piece-of-shit house on the block.

For reeeeeelz. The only house on the block that looked like it was about to crumble if I sneezed to hard. It was a very similar situation with the place I'm going to move into. The exterior of the house has definitely seen better days, the interior ain't squeaky clean either, but the location is big pimping. And with a little work, I know the space will be pretty awesome. I feel good about the place. It probably didn't help that the place was a total mess due to the previous tenants' wedding planning/moving/work schedule. I guess. My move in date is July 15th, so I will have pic up later next month. Or you can come visit and see it for yourself, muahahaha!!

Ok, whew! That's enough of that. I hope you guys made it through this post, I will update again soon with my school situation. I'll break up my rambling into small doses so it's more bearable. HAH!

Hope all is well out there!


P.S. - I am just realizing how rusty/crap my writing skills are. DANG.

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j.ko said...

thanks for the 411. :)cant wait to sneeze in your new digs.